LEAP workshop - B.Y.O.C. 【場次 Sep. 21, 2019】

  • 2019/09/21(Sat) 14:00(+0800) ~ 16:30(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google Calendar )
  • 子房學院 / 臺北市南京東路二段101號9樓
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  • LEAP Workshop
Organizer LEAP Workshop

LEAP workshop - B.Y.O.C.


帶你/妳自己的履歷!Bring your own CV! 在美國,很多餐廳開放B.Y.O.B.,就是帶自己的酒不用付費,這種餐廳通常氣氛比較隨意,我們也希望這個工作坊讓求職者跟雇主都輕鬆自在學習、找工作、徵人才!

早鳥優惠票NT 200 販售至 9/16 0:00 前,之後便恢復原價NT 300。(現場購票為NT 500)

1) 此活動建議於報名時上傳CV,你的資料與CV會事先轉交給現場的recruiters,幫你製造更多找到好工作的機會。歡迎想學習的朋友,一起來跨界交流!

2) 一次只能購買一張票券,若需幫朋友代購,請分批購買。

3) 購票成功後會收到KKTIX系統寄出的信函,請留意信中的QR Code,活動當天憑QR Code入場。

活動主辦人/主持人- Sabina & Rosa

9/21 活動主講人及分享主題

Angel 這次特別從美國飛回台灣,要來Leap Workshop聊聊Fintech的發展與前景。

9/21 其他位與會來賓/recruiters

  • Shopee 蝦皮
  • Garena 競舞娛樂
    Strategic Operations- Gavin Chen


13:45 - 14:00 入場
14:00 - 14:15 主持人Sabina & Rosa開場
14:15 - 14:50 主講人分享及Q&A
14:50 - 15:25 介紹現場recruiters
15:25 - 16:30 Mingle & Networking


》Aegis Custody・職缺介紹


【 Role #1:  Business Analyst 】

 Location: San Francisco

  • Responsibilities:

- Assist in preparing professional-grade documents/presentations/proposals
- Keep our website and social media fresh
- Plan events/travel arrangements/appointments etc.
- Track status on team projects/goals/leads and follow-up with relevant parties when necessary to ensure progress
- Light bookkeeping such as bank account management/expense tracking/accounts receivable
- Interface with external accountants/lawyers/auditors and route questions to appropriate team members
- Handle administrative matters such as paying bills, transferring funds, stocking supplies and snacks and interfacing with building management
- Manage HR including onboarding, payroll and benefits administration

  • Requirements:

- Comfortable making and justifying decisions on how you execute your responsibilities
- Natural at figuring out how to use technology you haven’t seen before
- Ability to clearly and quickly convey complex information with writing
- People person
- Advanced knowledge of MS Office and GSuite

  • Pluses 

- Bachelor’s degree
- Fluency in Mandarin
- Experience with TriNet/Salesforce
- Demonstrated interest in blockchain technology

  • Perks

- Competitive salary based on capability
- Medical/dental/vision and other benefits
- Generous vacation time
- Semi-flexible hours

【 Role #2:  Business Development Manager 】

 Location: Taipei 


【 Role #3:  Corporate Counsel 】

 Location: Taipei 


【 Role #4:  區塊鏈研究工程師 】

 Location: Taipei 


【 Role #5:  後端工程師 】

 Location: Taipei 


【 Role #6:  前端工程師 】

 Location: Taipei 







【 Role #1: Global Leader Program】

 Location: Taiwan

  • Job Description

The Global Leaders Program is a 2-year management trainee program consisting of four 6-month local and overseas rotations, designed for highly enthusiastic and ambitious young talents in Malaysia. You will be given the responsibility to drive Shopee’s most impactful projects and the opportunity to work with different teams in Malaysia and Singapore. This will give you an eye-opening experience and regional exposure at the same time. You will be expected to take on a multitude of responsibilities to support the expansion of our eCommerce platform across the region.

Throughout the program, you will also be guided under the direct mentorship of the senior management team. At the end of the program, you would have experienced a significant amount of professional and personal growth which will fast-track your career in the eCommerce industry.

Be a part of our fast-growing team and contribute to our tremendous growth in Malaysia. Join our dynamic and exciting team to have the chance for you to lead and make a real impact!

  • Requirements

- Good bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from any discipline, taken in a reputable local university or top overseas university
- Demonstrated leadership abilities in extra-curricular activities or any other exceptional achievements
- Fresh graduates or candidates with up to 2-year working experience

【 Role #2: Category Management】

 Location: Taiwan

  • Job Description

- Define, implement and execute the business development / growth strategy for the category
- Hire, train and manage a team of Sales and Key Account Managers to help grow and manage your portfolio of merchants. This will continue to grow as the category grows or the categories under management grow
- Developing online merchandising and promotion proposals to achieve sales targets
- Retain and optimize key account relationships to drive overall sales volumes. This can be done by ensuring pricing competitiveness, assortment, stock availability of key merchants within the category
- Carry out analysis & survey to better understand merchant requirements and behavior
- Identify, establish and grow other local strategic partnerships

  • Requirements

- Strong analytical acumen and ability to generate and evaluate analysis
- Superb business acumen with a desire to manage your own business
- Previous management and leadership experience
- Strong logical thinking and problem solving skills at all times

【 Role #3: Partnership Marketing】

 Location: Taiwan

  • Job Description

- Managing the strategy and execution plan of marketing partnerships for Shopee Taiwan
- Acquire and maintain relationship both of new and existing partners for co-campaign/promotion
- Explore, strategize, identify, and pitch business plan to acquire new business/partnership opportunity
- Create and present, partners marketing campaigns opportunities and performance
- Implementation activity for Marketing activity for Strategic Partnership campaign
- Monitor online competitive landscape in term of banks
- Track campaign performances with measurable methods of each campaigns and evaluation partners’ performance
- Plan for marketing communication brief for Marketing material in terms of online and offline

  • Requirements

- At least 3 years working experiences in in either area of business development / digital marketing / partner marketing experiences
- Having background on banks, retail business will be an advantage
- Understand industry trends and able to evaluate opportunities for growth
- Experience managing stakeholders, both internally and externally
- Good analytical skills with MS Excel and other related programs


子房學院 / 臺北市南京東路二段101號9樓

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